Refill Pouch - Free & Clear
For those who want to be free, free & clear contains no perfumes, dyes, artificial brighteners & phosphates.


  • Delivered to your door
  • Cleans over 200 workouts
    • First initial load = 50ml
    • Subsequent loads = 25ml
  • Part of our "ZERO WASTE" refillable, returnable, reusable packaging program
  • 1% of profits is donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association


Price Options
One-time purchase
Month to Month
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C$29.71monthly/ auto-renew
3 Month Subscription
Subscribe and save 10% off the regular price.
C$33.20monthly/ 3 months
2 Month Subscription
Subscribe and save 5% off the regular price.
C$31.46monthly/ 2 months
  • To reduce plastic packaging, fill your bottles, or use the pouches. You can send these back to be reused with our "Zero Waste" refillable, returnable, reusable packaging program.


    Tackling clothing that stinks has never been easier with rank free & clear detergent. Made with renewable natural ingredients that extract and eliminates those odour enducing oils leaving your clothes smelling fresh, while enhancing the breathability and extending the life of your garments.