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Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through active living while smelling fresh and clean and minimizing our impact on the environment.

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rank was founded out of necessity, anytime I was active, my athletic apparel smelt bad, really, really bad!

We tried various detergents to deal with the smell but most detergents are made for regular clothing (which is 90% natural fibers) so naturally nothing worked. Rather than burning most of my activewear we decided to take on the challenge ourselves. We worked with scientists for over a year and a half to formulate a product that used  powerful ingredients that were naturally derived from the environment as an alternative to harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives. After 8 iterations we reached the version we know and love today!


We are proudly owned, operated and manufactured in Canada! Our ingredients and packaging are sourced as local as possible to minimize our footprint. The packaging is the bare minimum to encourage the reuse of items already located in our laundry rooms such as measuring cups to further reduce waste, and we wanted a product that actually worked while being green.

The result? rank, environmentally sustainable athletic laundry detergent

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